Challenge 2017 – Become the Amazing Race #MyTar2017

This is where is begins.  I know it’s not technically 2017 yet, but I don’t know about all of you, but I am fucking done with 2016, so I’m starting now.  This is my New Year’s Resolution, and anyone reading this is my way of ensuring that I don’t bitch out on it.  You’re holding me accountable, and I welcome the challenge.

Everyone’s 2016 sucked, basically.  10 seconds on the internet will tell you this.  But it was a particularly rough one for me. We’re talking lifelong dreams being scrapped. I’m not saying this to be a downer, but it will put into context the excited, happy awesomeness that is to come later in this post.  It all culminated in the Husband and I moving (9th time in 8 years) to a completely different city (4th time in 5 years).  Saying good-bye and starting over is something we’ve done too often and nothing can trigger an anxiety attack in me more than the mention of moving.  There are many, many good things about this move, don’t get me wrong. But it’s the transition/getting settled/meeting new people part that blows.  That’s where I’m at now, and that is why today, while hopped up on cold medication and playing Gummy Drop on my phone while lying in the bathtub, I decided to start 2017 right this second.

As anyone who’s met me for more than 20 minutes probably knows, The Amazing Race is my thing.  I love it, I obsess over it, I want to be it.  I remember exactly when it first aired – Sep 2011.  I was in college, halfway through a degree in English that I didn’t want to complete.  One episode and my mind was blown.  Competitive travel?  FUCK YES!  And 6 days later, the 9/11 attacks happened.  I knew, and the world knew, life was short, it was time to take chances.  So I ditched the English degree, went to Travel School, and 6 months later I had changed my whole life path.

Fast forward 15 years to this Wednesday, when me and most of the rest of Canada learned we would not be chosen to compete on the next season of The Amazing Race Canada.  Booo.  Hiss. Casting people, I know you’ve done an awesome job so far, but throw a girl a bone here.  You probably know me, I may possibly like everything you post on Twitter (sorry).  My teammate looks like  Columbian drug lord.  And you can guarantee you’re getting another application video from me next year.  The “Casting’s closed” memo was the gut punch I didn’t need in 2016, but it got me thinking.  Screw it.  The Amazing Race has helped me change my life for the better before, it’s time to do it again.

If I can’t be on the Amazing Race Canada in 2017, let’s make my own.  Some parts of it are not really reasonable – I don’t make the money to travel the country, I only have around 20 days of vacation this year, there’s only so many times you can run screaming through an airport before security tells you to stop coming back.  But what else makes the race so magical?  What must I do to simulate at least part of the experience without a TV show budget and special access to crazy places?  How can I get my friends and family and the internet involved?

So I determined that I need:

1 – Places that I may not have thought of.  Destinations big or small that either stray from the tourist path, or show the best parts of it.  I want to see and experience and appreciate this world.

2 – New experiences.  I’m not a fan of heights.  I’m not an Olympic Athlete and I would describe my body type as Ashley Graham. I’m a somewhat picky eater. I’m not a Mensa member. Hell, I’m not even a particular fan of leaving my comfort zone.  But Mama didn’t raise no quitter, and I want to see/do as much as possible.

3 – Fun.  Isn’t that the best reason there is?

I’m open to anything.  A few of the things that are currently on my shortlist:

  • Indoor Obstacle Course.  Unleash my inner American Ninja Warrior
  • Rock climbing
  • Adventure room
  • Ziplining/rappelling
  • Geocaching
  • Cooking class
  • Checking out Niagara Falls
  • Mud/colour run


Internet people, do you have any suggestions of things to do, places to see?  Everything will be considered, and all suggestions greatly appreciated. My only restrictions are:

  • It must be within a 10 hour drive of Toronto, Canada (give or take)
  • It has to cost less than $500 (unless you’re paying, lol!)
  • Keep in mind I’m an average girl with average athleticism.  I may not win a marathon, but I can definitely walk/jog one.  To learn more about me, click the About tab on the top bar.
  • It has to be awesome (whatever awesome means to you)
  • It can require two people to do successfully.  The hubby will help me out (he doesn’t know it yet, but he’s good that way), and I can recruit friends and family.

Everything will be documented here, and tagged with the hashtag #MyTar2017.  A success, a failure, it doesn’t matter. If no one reads this, it doesn’t matter.  This year, I am going to live life like it’s the Amazing Race and enjoy every second of it.  Let’s do this!!  Bring on 2017.

The world is waiting… GO!

The Amazing Race Pit Stop Poster