Reservation Agent of the Year!!!!

So, the number of blog posts that have made it onto this page since I launched this blog has been lower than both you and I anticipated.  Sorry about that!  Oh God, can I sound more Canadian?  I do have a good reason for my sluggish posting, I promise.   In my offline life, I’m a Specialty Reservations Agent for Exotik Tours, specializing in Asia, Africa, South America, the Middle East and Europe.  Basically, I don’t deal with the public directly, but I’m the travel agent that your travel agent calls when they need to put together some big, fancy shit.  I love my job, and sometimes it has to take priority, you know how it goes.  But this time, my job loved me back.  Big time.

You’re talking to the Logimond PAX News 2016 Reservation Agent of the Year.

The results are in!

Hell yes!  Internet high five!

I am so freaking excited that I literally want to tell everyone that I know, have ever known and may eventually know of.  You know what’s a great way to do that?  The internet.  So please indulge me this one giant squee of a blog post.  I swear it will only happen once.  Or once a year, if I play my cards right (knock on wood).

A little background on this award.  In the travel industry, we don’t have many awards or events that are open to all companies accross departments, from airlines to travel wholesalers to tourism boards, and this is one of the special few. They just throw us all into a big, happy, passport-wielding pot and let us battle amongst ourslves, Hunger Games-style.  But the coolest part is that it’s a fan-voted award.  Someone has to nominate you, and then the top 10 (ish) nominees get opened up to a public vote, where all your clients get to put their clicking where their hearts are.

I honestly still don’t know who nominated me – the first I learned about it was from a client email, congratulating me on my nomination.  But as soon as I discovered my hat had been thrown into the ring, my competitive streak came out and I wanted to win. Baaad.  It was a long shot, I was one of the newer kids on the block to be nominated from one of the smaller specialty departments, but the next thing I know I’m enjoying a photo shoot while clutching my sparking new award.


They like me, they really like me!  It just feels incredible to be recognized by my peers and see the last 11 years of hard work has paid off.  I’m still riding a high weeks after the winners were announced, and it also reaffirmed that my job is pretty damn awesome and my co-workers and most importantly, my clients are the best in the world.

Check out my interview in the latest issue of PAX Magazine, pag 30 –

And thanks for letting me brag.  I promise, it’s out of my system now, I’ll be good.


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