About me


Nerds always have the stereotype of being socially-inept comic book geeks who spend their days discussing Sci-Fi.  I’m here to call bullshit on that.  A nerd is someone who is unabashedly passionate about something and willing to go all in and let their freak flag fly regarding whatever passion that may be.  On that note, hi, I’m Holly, and I’m freaking proud to be a nerd.

Travel is my life – I’ve always been a dreamer and a wanderer, all it takes is a mention of any exotic locale and I get giddy.  Considered buying a Kia Rio just for the name, and can dominate Trivial Pursuit just on the Geography category alone.  I’m also lucky enough to work in the travel industry, so I get to ramble on about this as my 9-5.  Living the dream, Baby.  Now all I need to do is figure out how to make it pay Beyonce-level wages and life would be perfect.  Due to my Husband’s job in the video game industry, I have lived in Vancouver (Born and raised – Best Place on Earth), Montreal and now Toronto.  While international travel will always be my passion – Asia is literally my “Happy Place” – I have a giant, glowing appreciation for all corners of my home country as well.

But my nerd doesn’t stop there.  Enter Reality TV.  Specifically reality competition series. Nothing brings out the superfan in me than a bunch of randos doing crazy things for a prize.  It’s probably due to the fact that I’m an only child and don’t like to share, but I’m stupidly competitive by nature and the concept of “playing for fun” never registered in my brain.  As you can see from the transparent-white skin in the pic above, I’m also an indoor kid, so living vicariously through Reality TV contestants is my jam.  It all started with Survivor, but when they brought out the travel-centric Amazing Race I was fucking done. Like, Holy Grail done. #SuperfanForLife. You’re going to notice that show popping up a lot in this blog, as becoming a competitor on it has basically been my goal in life since 2001.  However, any Reality TV show is fair game here, so if one day I begin ranting about Top Chef or something less common like The X Factor UK, don’t be surprised.  Being Canada-based, this will probably be mostly Canadian and US shows, but any English-speaking international ones I can get, bring them on.

Aside from travel and Reality TV, I love going to the gym – I’m also a Zumba instructor, painting either still life animals or the geek portraits my husband requests (think Winnie the Pooh dressed up as Deadpool, etc.), and snuggling with my pets.

So, with that out there, I have nothing left to hide. This blog is my freak flag, and let it fly high.

Twitter – @travejunkie

Instagram – Holly.Hein